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116+ Octane With Water Injection!

For many of you reading this, you may already be familiar with the octane increases possible with a simple water injection system. While for many others, you may now just becoming aware of it and what it has to offer. In recent years water methanol injection has become evermore popular and recognized as an invaluable tool for both gasoline... READ MORE

Knock knock..Who's There? Detonation! 

While that may sound funny detonation and pre-ignition are certainly no laughing matter when it comes to supercharged, turbocharged and still naturally aspirated engines. As you probably already know, detonation (aka "knock") is a serious concern in the world of forced induction engines and can often lead to blown head gaskets, pitting of... READ MORE

Andy Wheeler of Laurel, Maryland 2001 "Z0SICK" Z06 Corvette With Methanol Injection

The story of this build started in May of 2006. I was looking for a clean low mileage Z06 corvette to supercharge for the street. I had previously built two late model LS1 based F-Body cars for track and limited street use. I then decided to head in a completely different direction and purchased a pristine 1994 Lotus Esprit S4 turbo. After spending years at the track sweating in fire suites, and squeezing on helmets, I thought the exotic "wine and cheese," crowd would be a nice change of pace for a while. Lets just say the Lotus chapter didn't go the way I hoped it would, and reaffirmed my love for American Muscle... READ MORE

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Performance products, such as water methanol injection systems by, by their nature are designed to increase horsepower and performance not originally engineered into the vehicle by OEM manufactures and the increased stress could result in damage to the engine and related systems. Users are responsible to fully understand the horsepower capability and limitations of his/her vehicle’s engine and drive train according to manufacturer specifications.

This is a high performance product, use at your own risk. Click here to read full disclaimer.

Best Water Injection System is your water/methanol injection experts. We have worked diligently to provide quality information on our website about the benefits and uses of alcohol injection. In addition, we sell a water injection system that is shipped 100% fully assembled, simple to install, and can boost octane levels better than a gasoline octane booster. All of our water injection kits are tested for functionality prior to shipment and are fully compatible with virtually every supercharger and turbocharger, including the Whipple supercharger and the Vortech supercharger. Our systems can be used with or without a turbocharger intercooler or supercharger intercooler. You can read more by visiting our Tech Section or exploring the following web pages.